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1. We serve to govern the homes of a country-level leader.

2. Tooling customers include: Daimler Benz, China Mobile, Everbright Bank, China Construction, Tsinghua University, Ping An, China Datang, Taikang Life, China Railway Corporation, Tak Bang Logistics, Hornet's nest, etc.

3. Control products for formaldehyde, through the addition of aldehyde experts, composite photocatalyst decomposition treatment, for benzene series and TVOC is through the decoration of pure taste treasure, and composite photocatalyst, adsorption decomposition, treatment after 3 days can be safe stay, Warranty 15, can be the third party indoor car environment and environmental protection product quality Supervision and inspection center, China Academy of Construction, China Workers Environmental Protection Research institute testing and acceptance.

4. Products by Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, China Petroleum University Joint Research and Development, has a deep scientific research background. Products by the Beijing CDC Disease Control Center testing, safe and non-toxic, pregnant baby recommendations.

5. If synchronized with the decoration management, can meet the green Olympic standards.

6. All construction personnel have a wealth of construction experience, after strict training of the company, certified induction.

7. We are the 2015 National Indoor Car Environmental protection industry excellent service enterprises, 2016 the national focus on the promotion of indoor car environmental protection industry outstanding enterprises, 2017 excellent indoor car environmental Management Services Enterprises, 2018, the National Indoor car excellent service enterprises. China Indoor Environmental Purification authoritative qualification enterprise, China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Committee member. Member of Beijing Indoor Automobile internal environment Purification Association.

8. Committed to the prevention and control of childhood diseases, Yan ran Angel Children's Hospital public welfare management activities, concurrent public welfare certificates.