Daimler-Benz removes formaldehyde

Daimler-Benz removes formaldehyde

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之一 One of the largest monopoly organizations in the German automotive industry, one of the world's commercial vehicle multinational manufacturing companies. Also translated Daimler-Benz car company. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart. It is known for producing high quality and high price Mercedes-Benz cars.

The R&D office of Jiuxianqiao in Beijing was renovated in March 2018. The smell of the carpet and the paint on the supporting iron column were very strong. After careful and comprehensive treatment and formaldehyde detection , the smell and the taste of the paint were eliminated. And commissioned by a third-party CMA organization, all test results are far below the Chinese standards, so preliminary cooperation has been reached.

German automobile manufacturing industry is one of the major monopoly organizations, one of the largest multinational manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world. Daimler-Benz Motor Company. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz is famous for producing high-quality and high - priced cars in the world. Daimler Mercedes-Benz R&D office located in Beijing JiuXianQiao finished decoration in March 2018. The odor of carpet and the paint on supporting iron pillars were very strong. After careful and comprehensive treatment, the odor and paint taste were Eliminated, and a third-party CMA agency was commissioned to test the results. All the test results were far below the national standards, so long-term cooperation was initially reached.