Warm air in the car should also pay attention to formaldehyde detection
- 2018-11-12-

First, let us know an experimental data. A professional organization conducted a formaldehyde test on a motor vehicle. The results showed that the warm air (whether internal/external circulation) was turned on in a closed compartment running at a constant speed. After 15 minutes, the formaldehyde content in the compartment reached 0.215mg/m3 (domestic standard is 0.1mg/m3, more than double the standard), and if the warm air is blown in the closed compartment at rest, not only the formaldehyde content will increase, but also a high concentration of carbon monoxide. As a result, people in the car are poisoned by oxygen.

It can be seen that although the warm air in the winter car can bring us warmth, it will also pose a threat to our health. Today, I will summarize and summarize some of the precautions about the warm air in the car. To do this, I will try my best to avoid the poison gas.

Window ventilation

In the winter, when driving in the car, it is recommended to leave a small gap in the window, which can reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene and carbon monoxide in the car by enhancing air circulation.

Properly open the outer loop mode

Many car owners are accustomed to turn on the air conditioning mode while turning on the warm air, which is considered to help the car to keep warm. In fact, the internal circulation is also good, the external circulation is not too much, and does not have much influence on the insulation effect of the compartment. If the internal circulation mode is turned on for a long time in the case of warm air, it will be detrimental to the circulation of air inside the vehicle.

The warm air should not be opened too long

When driving in winter, the warm air should not be opened for too long, otherwise it will make you feel depressed, out of breath, and easily lead to sleepiness, and exposure to the cold outside temperature will make people catch a cold. A more secure way is to turn off the warm air and wait for the body to warm up, then temporarily close it and open the outer circulation.