Beijing professional in addition to formaldehyde which is good
- 2018-11-12-

Everyone is envious of people with white skin and no pores and skin problems, but many people have various problems in their faces and bodies. You can go to the dermatology specialist hospitals in major cities to see that the morning number has already reached more than a thousand people. Some girls will be fully armed before going out. They will never go out without sunscreen. On weekends, they would rather watch TV at home than choose to go online. But even such a variety of skin problems still plague everyone. Studies have found that many people's skin allergy symptoms are not related to indoor formaldehyde, which means that even if we are at home, it is not safe for our skin.

What are the specific effects of formaldehyde on human skin?

Direct contact with human skin and formaldehyde, or in a high concentration of formaldehyde, the skin will gradually lose moisture, produce wrinkles, hinder the normal metabolism of the human body, and block the pores, grow acne, more serious may cause itching, ulceration, There will also be small blood spots.

Long-term exposure to low concentrations of formaldehyde can increase the body's sensitivity to formaldehyde, causing eczema, mainly in the hands, fingers and face. Some people with formaldehyde allergies soon develop urticaria-like rash symptoms.

Formaldehyde can also cause chronic poisoning, mucosal congestion, skin irritation, nail bed pain, and severe paronychia and nail softening.

Formaldehyde can also inhibit the secretion of sweat glands, long-term exposure can make the skin dry, chapped, palm keratosis, dermatitis, erythema, papules, itching.

We can't help but feel that there are too many unsafe substances in the room, and even the indoors we live in are also in crisis. At present, the decoration of pollutants is increasingly a threat to our skin health. So why are there so many decorative pollutants in our home?

1. Decoration pollutants exist in various living materials. As we know, formaldehyde exists in textiles, furniture and adhesives;

2. The more composite flooring used in the home, the greater the hazard of decorating the pollutants;

3, many families do not pay attention to the problem of decoration pollution when the decoration, resulting in the end of the renovation, the pollution problem broke out, the block can not stop;

4, the decoration market products are complex, product quality is not guaranteed;

Beijing professional in addition to formaldehyde which is good, Beijing Qingyun Sunshine Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. tells you that decoration contaminants include many, serious is formaldehyde, benzene series, etc., these substances will have a great impact on our skin, Living in such an environment for a long time, the skin will definitely get worse. At this time, we can't recover our original skin with more skin care products. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to the seriousness of the harm caused by formaldehyde!