New house Deodorization is a method of introduction
- 2019-04-23-

Beautiful new home has finally been decorated, but if there is a smell, it is a bit unpleasant. How should the odor be removed? Here are 11 ways to get rid of the new house I collected for you, and you can pick a few more feasible ones to try.

Option 1: Activated carbon formaldehyde removal

Solid activated carbon pores are many, formaldehyde and other harmful substances have a strong absorption of approval and differentiation. Go to the store to buy some activated carbon, the smaller the particles, the better, do not buy too much, look at the size of the house in detail, generally hundreds of grams is enough. The activated carbon is then divided into multiple parts, each 100 grams or so, packed in dishes, each room placed two to three discs (if the room is large, can be placed more). About three days, the basic ability to remove the smell of the room.

Option 2: Light catalyst Differentiation Method

The catalyst in the Photocatalyst, under the influence of light, produces negative ions and hydrogen-oxygen free radicals with oxygen and water in the air, can oxidize and differentiate all kinds of organic pollutants and inorganic pollutants, and degrade into carbon dioxide, water and corresponding acid and other harmless substances, so as to achieve the role of differentiated pollutants and purifying the air.

Option 3: Chemical Preparation Purification method

Formaldehyde traps are used here. Now on the market formaldehyde catch agent is divided into two kinds, one type, through the medium and formaldehyde, the formation of harmless substances, to purify the role of air. One is off-type, after the closure of formaldehyde, to prevent the evaporation of formaldehyde to purify the air.

Method 4: Pomelo Peel deodorizing

Go to the supermarket to buy a few pomelo, the pomelo peel off, lax placed in the room of each nook, the smell of large azimuth can be put more. Then quietly investigate the role.

Method 5: Deodorizing the end of tea stalk

To the tea shop to buy some tea stem, wrapped in breathable gauze, placed in the room of each nook, can also effectively remove odors.

Method 6: Green plants deodorization

Buy some green plants, put in the room smell more concentrated in the local. Green plants have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, especially large foliage and vanilla. Green plants can choose cactus, reed, iron tree, chrysanthemum hanging orchid, aloe vera, tequila, tiger Tail orchid, Moon season, roses, evergreen rattan and so on.

Method 7: Pineapple deodorizing

Do not peel the pineapple and place it directly in the corner of the room. As you can see, as the skin of the pineapple turns yellow, the smell in the room will become lighter.

Method 8: Onion deodorization

Cut the onion, soak it in salt water, then pack it in a small pot and put it in the corner of the room.

Method 9: Black tea deodorizing

Soak black tea in a basin with hot water, about 300 grams can be, and then put indoors, open the window to breathe. It only takes about two days for you to clearly feel the elimination of the effects of sexual odors.

Method 10: Clear water to remove odor

In the indoor pendulum a few pots of water, water added vinegar, onion section, orange peel, etc., can absorb the residual odor in the room, affordable. According to the actual situation, clear water is changed one or two times a day.

Option 11: Open the window and breathe

The premise of Odor elimination is indoor air circulation. So it is necessary to open the windows of each room right and wrong. Let the air convection, can fully drain the smell out of the room. In addition, electric fans can be used to speed up air circulation.