Is formaldehyde detection reliable?
- 2018-11-12-

I don't know when it started. "There are so many swindlers, and you can catch a big eye with your eyes closed." This sentence began to spread in people's lives. It is not difficult to explain why so many people are saying that formaldehyde detection companies are deceptive. It is not cost-effective to find formaldehyde detection programs of this type. It is undeniable that this industry does have some tricks. Beijing Qingyun Sunshine Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., as a member of the industry, helps everyone to understand the problem today.

Everyone can try to think about why the indoor pollution failure rate is as high as 90% after the decoration. Why are there so many formaldehyde detection agencies will pit you when they are on the door, deliberately increase the value to sell formaldehyde? product. And why the online area sells hundreds of hand-held formaldehyde detectors that claim to have good detection effects on indoor temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, toluene, alcohol, perfume and other 20 substances.

Various indoor pollutions are released after the use of various unqualified decoration materials, and the failure of these materials is caused by some individuals and companies that do not strictly adhere to the standards and reduce costs. Why such materials will still flow in? Going to the market? In the end, it is still the inaction of the regulatory authorities. It is undeniable that some management is not standardized or some personal services do have such behavior. Before the test, the value on the test instrument will be deliberately increased to promote its own aldehyde removal service or product. Many homeowners are cheap and enjoy the so-called long-term free testing services provided by some institutions. In this case, it is easy to be induced to purchase high amounts of formaldehyde treatment products. In response to this model, how should consumers be prevented? It is recommended that you choose a formal formaldehyde management company, and pay special attention to after-sales problems to avoid encountering some small organizations. Formal enterprises will be very high in terms of brand reputation and service personnel.

Looking for a professional formaldehyde detection authority to detect formaldehyde in the door? Is there any effect on the formaldehyde removal method that you use? What we do is not worthwhile. If it is compared with the output, in addition to formaldehyde, we look at it. Is the input and the effect of formaldehyde is directly proportional. The key to the problem is whether the method of removing formaldehyde used by us is effective. The test proves that the well-known methods of basin water, vinegar, sleeves, activated carbon, onion, tea, plants, etc. can be said to have little effect on the formaldehyde removal in the room, or it can be said that it can be omitted, and the activated carbon may even have secondary pollution. The problem. Therefore, when we buy such products at home, we have no effect on formaldehyde removal, that is, there is no input.

Questions about formaldehyde detection. The presence of formaldehyde in the room can be judged by ourselves. When the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, our body will react differently. We can self-assess according to the reaction. The second method is a hand-held formaldehyde detector that many people have tried. Most people think that it saves money in terms of aspect, but the truth is that in most of the spot checks, the online shopping detectors are completely wiped out. Hand-held formaldehyde detectors are difficult to accurately distinguish between formaldehyde and other gases, which can lead to formaldehyde detection. Instead of spending a few hundred or none of the formaldehyde detectors, it is better to find a third-party professional formaldehyde detection agency with CMA measurement and testing qualifications. Although the cost is higher, it can guarantee fairness and accuracy of data.

Xiao Bian believes that the formaldehyde detection mechanism is still very worthy of choice, both in terms of the method of removing formaldehyde and the accuracy of formaldehyde detection . Although there are some problems in the aldehyde industry, there are still a lot of companies and brands. When you are looking for formaldehyde detection and treatment services, you should choose a formal and professional organization to serve as much as possible to avoid spending money but not getting it. The emergence of corresponding service quality flaws.