Formaldehyde detection and treatment cannot be neglected
- 2018-11-12-

Formaldehyde detection and treatment: newly renovated houses and newly purchased furniture, or when it is felt that the indoor air quality is not good, formaldehyde testing should be carried out; it is not suitable to stay immediately after renovation, window opening and ventilation should be allowed to allow indoor polluted air to be emitted; The formaldehyde has exceeded the standard and should be treated in time. At present, formaldehyde treatment products mainly include: air purifier, which has certain adsorption effect on indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants; deodorant and formaldehyde trapping agent can be used in decoration engineering to effectively reduce free formaldehyde in artificial board; harmful gas adsorber, Furniture adsorption treasure can catalyze the decomposition of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases; formaldehyde sealant, painted on the interior wall and wood-based panels of unpainted furniture, can reduce the amount of formaldehyde emission; use plants for purification, spider plant, aloe, dragon The tongue and the like can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in the room.

How to prevent formaldehyde on the decoration?

Decoration: The design must pay full attention to the carrying capacity and ventilation of the indoor space; try to use non-toxic, less toxic, non-polluting, less polluting construction techniques, such as the slash at the artificial board should be coated with paint to make it full Curing, to prevent the emission of formaldehyde in the board; strict selection of qualified interior decoration materials in accordance with domestic standards, has now formulated ten mandatory standards for "limitation of harmful substances in interior decoration materials".

How to prevent formaldehyde on furniture

Buy furniture: buy furniture that meets domestic standards, ask for "Furniture Instructions for Use" to see if the content of formaldehyde is indicated. At the same time pay attention to the materials used in furniture, preference is given to furniture with a high degree of sealing of wood materials; new furniture should not be rushed into the living room, and conditions should try to release the harmful gases in the furniture as soon as possible; new bought artificial wood board Try not to put underwear, pajamas and children's clothing on the inside of the wardrobe; if you buy or use the furniture made of large core board, you will find irritating and spicy eyes when using it, and find that your family, especially children, often have skin allergies. Symptoms such as emotional distress, poor diet, and continuous cough should be considered as a cause of formaldehyde, and effective treatment should be taken as soon as possible.