How to choose the right formaldehyde test
- 2019-04-30-

Following the media's coverage of indoor environmental pollution, more and more people are beginning to focus on indoor environmental health. Faced with the indoor formaldehyde detection organization that is mixed in the market, how do you choose?

The first one is to use the formaldehyde detectors such as "six-in-one" and "eight-in-one" which are widely used in the market. The principle is the same as that of the test paper. The sample is taken on site, and the data is read by the instrument on the spot to print a simple statement. The price of this test is relatively cheap, but the accuracy of the data is not high and can only be a preliminary judgment. Moreover, this kind of detection method cannot detect benzene series and TVOC. If someone says that it can detect, it is artificially set up false data. There are many small companies in the market that use this method to detect whether the indoor air is overrun.

The second is that the on-site inspector is only responsible for sampling the air sample, and then sending the collected sample to a professional laboratory for laboratory analysis, accounting for data, and issuing a statement within 2-3 working days. The cost of the instruments used in this kind of testing is relatively high, ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than one million, so there are few such experimental devices in general. The big feature of this type of test is that the test data is very accurate. Under normal circumstances, customer testing is to get a precise data, if the detection method is not scientific, resulting in inaccurate data, it is a waste of money for the customer, it is also misleading.

The third type is an independent third-party testing organization with CMA testing qualifications for testing and issuing CMA testing statements. The data obtained from this test is very accurate in the same way as the second, and the statements issued are legally valid and can be used to deal with home purchase disputes or engineering tests. The laboratory must have CMA testing qualifications, the requirements are very strict, and there are not many organizations with CMA testing qualifications in the industry. The time at which the test is issued is relatively long, generally more than a week, and the price is the price of the three tests * expensive. Moreover, such testing organizations are generally not open to individual individuals or families.

Now, many companies in the market say that their data is obtained through laboratory analysis, but let's imagine that the testing organization of laboratory qualification and professional testing equipment is generally at least millions of dollars. The initial investment of the small testing company is more than 3 million yuan. The labor cost of the laboratory, the cost of personnel, and the cost of the site are very large expenses. Under such a premise, if the cost of detecting a point is as long as 100 yuan. Left and right, is this money enough for the protection of the instrument?