Do you know the meaning of new house deodorization?
- 2018-11-12-

Formaldehyde can be said to be a harmful gas in the family's living environment. Excessive formaldehyde is a problem that many families are very headaches. What are the hazards of formaldehyde exceeding the standard? Excessive formaldehyde is mainly caused by excessive formaldehyde in furniture, paint, etc. What should I do if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard? What methods can remove formaldehyde? The following small series will provide you with complete information on the hazards of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, so that you can understand the harm of formaldehyde.

In summary, there are three major serious hazards in formaldehyde over standard:

1. Sensitization: Direct contact with formaldehyde can cause allergic dermatitis, pigmentation, necrosis, and bronchial asthma can be induced when inhaled high concentrations of formaldehyde.

2. Stimulating effect: The main hazard of formaldehyde is the stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a protoplasmic toxic substance, which can bind to protein and cause severe respiratory irritation and edema, eye irritation and headache when inhaled at high concentration.

3. Mutagenic effects: High concentrations of formaldehyde are also a genotoxic substance. Experimental animals can cause nasopharyngeal tumors when inhaled at high concentrations in the laboratory.

How can I know that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard? In general, the concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air is related to the following factors:

Indoor temperature

2. Indoor relative humidity

3. In the high temperature, high humidity conditions will increase the intensity of the emission.

The actual test data shows that under certain conditions, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air in the living room environment can be concentrated above the standard allowable level, and the release period is relatively long, generally 3-15 years.

It can be seen that the steps of deodorization of new houses cannot be skipped. You can call us to Beijing Qingyun Sunshine Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to further understand and effectively remove formaldehyde hazards.

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