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We focus on product quality / exclusive technical team / industry qualification / good word of mouth / rich practical experience

Compared with the price, the source is supplied, and the intermediate link is eliminated.

More than quality, relevant quality inspection department for record, focus on research and development of high quality products

Compared with the case, the project is available every day, and the case is new every day.

More than customer service, headquarters service team, stand by at any time, solve the problems in actual construction

Compared with the contract, sign a 15-year warranty contract to guarantee the true interests of the customer.

More than marketing, online and offline promotion, on-site service, to provide orders for the nearest dealer sales.

More than delivery, fast and timely logistics delivery system,

Join Qingyun Sunshine, do not need to pay the initial fee and deposit, but the company will have a first batch of purchase requirements. The first batch of purchases varies according to the level of regional agents you have made, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The amount of cocoa can be consulted by our investment manager. The project is more suitable for individual entrepreneurship, especially for individuals or companies with relevant sales channels. The headquarters does not mandate the opening of the store. The partners can choose freely according to the actual situation of the city. They can also choose the operation mode of store operation, office operation and cooperation with other related industries according to their own conditions and market environment. . Free training for all partners, including product training, marketing and training, and construction training. It is recommended to train 2-3 core employees, proficient in product knowledge, sales methods, construction techniques, and the number of other personnel can be increased according to the actual situation.