Xiangjiang Garden in addition to formaldehyde

Xiangjiang Garden in addition to formaldehyde

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Xiangjiang Garden customers, after six months of renovation, prepared to check in, found that as long as the doors and windows were closed for a while, the indoor air was very unpleasant. In response to this situation, I consulted our engineers and some problems that may arise during the renovation process. Detailed analysis was carried out, and our inspectors were sent to the door for inspection. After testing, it was found that both formaldehyde and TVOC exceeded the standard by about twice, which was moderately polluted. The customer was also allergic and had high requirements for indoor environment. On October 13, 2018, our company sent members of the Qingyun Sunshine Environmental Protection Technology Air Net Project Team to the customer's home to find that the bare parts of the furniture in the customer's home were too large, and all the exposed drawers were removed, and our naked face was brushed. Aldehyde expert, repeat 2 times, spray the decoration of the furniture surface and the composite catalyst factor, repeat twice, with an interval of 1 hour. For the basement soft bag, we use 1:1 combination of aldehyde expert and water to spray. For all carpets, we use the special deodorant for carpet spraying, and then use the ozone machine to release ozone for 40 minutes. After treatment, the indoor odor is greatly reduced. After 7 days, the indicators are far lower than the Chinese standard. The customer is very test results. Peace of mind, in view of the customer's allergic physique, the customer purchased our recommended blueair air purifier 5, after a month, our after-sales customer service received customer feedback, customer occupancy has no problem at all, the dizziness problem before treatment has not appeared.

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