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How to choose formaldehyde treatment in Beijing
- 2019-04-25-

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more people begin to pay attention to indoor air environment problems. Indoor air pollutants, we are familiar with, formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene series, ammonia, radon, the five main culprits.

Whether in the newly decorated environment, it is still in the house where we have been living for a long time, in fact, we can see their figure. Indoor air pollution on people's physical damage, I believe we can also see from the major reports, leukemia, respiratory diseases, sleep disorders and so on, but also bothering more people.

About formaldehyde damage to health, resulting in people suffering from cancer, leukemia and even death cases, know more, should be some time ago Beijing Ruan due to formaldehyde overspending illness, and Alibaba employee Mr. Wu due to indoor formaldehyde overspending died of the news.

There are many other cases that have now occurred, but we do not know. These living analogy are telling us all the times. "Indoor decoration pollution damage is great, the management of formaldehyde is now urgent."

Most people would rather enjoy the ease and joy of the moment than the crisis of the future, and for them, it is better to enjoy the present than to worry about tomorrow. This gives formaldehyde a chance, and when they realize the effects of formaldehyde on themselves and their families in the near future, it's too late.

Indoor air purification has now become a burning eyebrows work, the eradication of formaldehyde, but also their own a healthy and comfortable breathing environment is now urgent!

Beijing Formaldehyde management Company How should choose? How can we ensure that the service of this company is real and effective? Below, let Van's environmental protection to share with you the experience of selecting formaldehyde removal Company!

01 Look at the product

Now there are many manufacturers in the mall hit the "Photocatalyst to remove formaldehyde" banner, but the quality of the product there is quite a big difference.

Some companies claim that the nano-particle size of their photocatalyst products has reached the smaller 5 nm in the country, and the purification conditions are very good gimmicks. However, the occurrence of some photocatalyst products will be constrained by indoor lighting conditions. The smaller the particle size, the higher the requirements associated with illumination. So, how can this product have an effect in a room with poor lighting conditions? Also in the cloudy day, in the evening, can still reach the proper purification effect?

The difficulty of Photocatalyst de-formaldehyde is that it is impossible to decompose harmful gases fully without light or weak light. Van Gogh environmental protection A new generation of high-end imported hybrid photocatalyst is a good treatment of this problem. The catalytic reaction can occur under the condition of no light and microlight, and the free hydrogen-oxygen base with strong oxidation force can be eliminated, and the harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and so on will be removed greatly and continuously.

02 See service

The difference between the real professional prestige indoor Air purification company and the so-called formaldehyde removal company on the market can be perfectly reflected in the difference of service.

When you need to be in addition to formaldehyde service, in consultation with an air management company, they are talking to you. Have you noticed anything about your family? Will they consider whether there are any elderly people in your home, babies or pregnant mothers to be born? Different groups of people, different families, different air needs need different management programs. This kind of non-discriminatory treatment, no difference in service, and can not really deal with the customer's concern for the work.

Many of the time, such service attitude will lead to the end of the management results are not satisfactory, but also may occur rated trouble, such as products did not reach mother and child level safety, the home of valuables, daily necessities damage.

Therefore, when we seek the assistance of a professional air purification company, we should also use the sense of service as an important reference standard. Real professional indoor air purification management company, not only to provide indoor air purification related service, he will also be true for your sake, not only from the point of view of management, but also from some of the subsequent purification operations, to provide some professional certainty.