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What's the best way to smell a new house?
- 2018-11-12-

Do you know why you can't check in directly after the renovation? Usually people will be ventilated after decoration for a few months to stay again, for the removal of formaldehyde, then, ventilation these months is enough? is ventilation an effective method of removing formaldehyde?

Indeed undeniably, ventilation is after decorationNew houses exceptTasteSimple and effective method, but at the same time it is also limited, and in winter, because the weather is too cold for most people will not go to open the window, this time the role of ventilation will be ineffective.

If only by ventilation, we must also ensure that formaldehyde concentration has been restored to a safe range, otherwise it is easy to formaldehyde poisoning, because the evaporation of formaldehyde is not controlled by us. But we can add these two steps to the ventilation and smell, which will be very helpful to the air environment, and there are no two pollution.

In addition to ventilation, we often use green plant to remove formaldehyde, green plant itself with adsorption function, so we can in the ventilation of the smell, put some green plants, while the smell of adsorption, the effect will be much better than pure ventilation. But do not put Peel in the new house and other things, Peel does not adsorption, decomposition of formaldehyde effect, on the contrary, Peel will release new sources of pollution, when new pollution sources and unclean formaldehyde collide together, it is really a terrible thing.

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