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Method for removing formaldehyde
- 2019-04-26-

The formaldehyde self-test box is a self-test product that expresses formaldehyde content through color reaction. It is the first to quickly and semi-quantitatively evaluate the formaldehyde in the living environment, and can determine the degree of formaldehyde pollution.

Formaldehyde removal method

First, keep the window ventilation simple, useful and economical and useful, open window ventilation allows natural purification of indoor air is more useful than any product, to trust the strength of nature is unlimited, even if the use of air purification products should remain indoor Ventilation, which not only contributes to natural purification, but also allows the air purification product to exert its own adsorption effect.

Second, placed green plants here have to say that the strength of the natural is unlimited, although the formaldehyde is powerful, but a thing to drop a thing, such as tiger skin, spider plant, prickly pear and other green plants have the function of adsorbing formaldehyde, at home Putting some green plants, it not only has the effect of removing formaldehyde, but also beautifies the living environment, which is the best of both worlds. Although plants can adsorb formaldehyde, the adsorption capacity of plants is limited, and it is not realistic to rely solely on plants to remove formaldehyde. Can only play a secondary effect.

Fourth, the physical method is the first to use the activated carbon dimension and other materials to adsorb the contaminated gas, both physical adsorption, is currently a good physical removal method. The principle is that the porous structure of the activated carbon supplies a large amount of surface area, and then it is very simple to reach the purpose of absorbing and collecting impurities. Just like the same magnetic force, all molecules have mutual attraction. Because of this, a large number of molecules on activated carbon can produce strong gravitational forces and then reach the intent of attracting impurities in the medium into the pores.