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Is the formaldehyde detector on the internet reliable?
- 2018-11-12-

Many people have heard about the harm of formaldehyde, are ready to buy a formaldehyde detector on the internet, but the online formaldehyde detector style more brands, are to promote their own testing, which can be difficult to buy formaldehyde detector consumers, each said their products good, then formaldehyde detector itself really reliable?

Household formaldehyde detector is not as good as third party professional testing institutions

Before the Shenzhen Consumer Council released 2017 years of household formaldehyde detector comparison test report shows that the market hot formaldehyde testing equipment is not reliable, error up to 228%. The advice given by the Consumer Council is to select a professional and qualified third party testing agency for on-site testing. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the masses are becoming more and more demanding of the environment. The formaldehyde test, which was previously improperly renovated after the renovation, is now also being fired more and more fiery. As a result, such tests, which had previously been carried out only under professional conditions, were moved to the home scene.

Under professional conditions.Formaldehyde detection, The equipment is more professional, the operation is more complex, and the detection process is relatively long. This kind of detection, once applied to the home scene, means that the operation is simple, the process is convenient, and will bring the result deviation.

So, is it normal for the detection equipment to have a large deviation?

In fact, formaldehyde detector, like the caliper, stopwatch, temperature and humidity measuring instrument, are metering instruments, and measuring instruments must have the function of ensuring the accuracy of the transmission of weights. China also has relevant provisions to supervise the production and sales of measuring instruments to ensure the quality of measuring instruments. However, due to the short time of application of formaldehyde household testing equipment, the provisions and measures of quality supervision are still absent, so that there is a situation of "Li Ghost" everywhere.

Nowadays, a variety of new testing equipment, whether it is heavy metal detector to measure water quality, or the measurement of air quality PM2.5 detector, all represent a new demand. In this regard, we want to encourage enterprises to continue to innovate, to provide a richer product, but also need the relevant departments as soon as possible to introduce the corresponding rules, these products into the regulatory system, to ensure that the new equipment to play an accurate role, not to let gimmicks above the quality, reduce product quality "naked run" situation.