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School is essential for formaldehyde
- 2018-11-12-

Some time ago, there were many news events in the kindergartens. The culprit in many places had pointed to the pollution of the decoration. Usually, the children collectively and even hundreds of people had fever, nosebleed, rash and other reactions. Then the test showed serious formaldehyde. Excessive. In short, the children took the test of the poison, so that people began to pay attention to the harm of formaldehyde, and even the kindergartens squatting parents, while decorating, let the children enter the park.

Cases of children suffering from acute poisoning due to decoration are frequently reported in the media. It’s shocking to hear about the formaldehyde pollution in kindergartens in 2017.

Today, various types of research show that the newly renovated house in China (generally defined within one year), the degree of formaldehyde exceeding the standard is at least twice, so the school is very necessary to remove formaldehyde .

An earlier survey came from 2007. Researchers at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed 9 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Nanjing, and randomly selected more than 1,700 homes, all of which were completed within a year. As a result, it was found that formaldehyde exceeded the standard, the average concentration reached 0.16mg/m3, which was more than twice the domestic standard of 0.08mg/m3, which was the primary pollutant for interior decoration.

Yang Xu, director of the Environmental Biomedical Laboratory at Huazhong Normal University, also pointed out in his article published in the authoritative Environmental and Health Outlook (EHP) magazine in 2014 that their team is based on survey data from all over the country. The average concentration of formaldehyde in the house is 0.231 mg/m3.

A study published in the 2017 Journal of Environmental Hygiene showed that researchers at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed 126 Chinese and English literatures published on domestic indoor formaldehyde indicators over the past 10 years, with a comprehensive survey of more than 20 The formaldehyde index of the newly renovated residential building in the city draws the conclusion that the formaldehyde concentration in the new residential interior of the city is 0.18mg/m3.

In contrast, indoor formaldehyde levels in many international cities are much lower than this. For example, the newly-decorated living room in Hong Kong has a formaldehyde concentration of less than 0.1 mg/m3. From 1996 to 2006, the formaldehyde concentration of 367 newly built houses in Germany was 0.04 mg/m3, and the median formaldehyde concentration of 36 new apartments in Denmark was 0.037 mg/m3, which was much lower than that of China. Concentration level. Therefore, formaldehyde should cause our attention and protection.