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Beijing formaldehyde treatment method prevention means
- 2019-04-29-

How to prevent formaldehyde pollution?

Although formaldehyde is called "the number one killer of indoor pollution", many people who intend to decorate are worried, but we are completely able to take some scientific precautions and manage formaldehyde methods to reduce the harm of formaldehyde. The following Beijing formaldehyde treatment will continue to introduce some methods to prevent and control formaldehyde pollution:

1. Prepare for prevention: carefully select home building materials and sign environmental protection decoration contract

The so-called "precaution is better than management", if the owners can have the awareness of preventing formaldehyde pollution from the beginning of the decoration, then they can start from various aspects and stop the excessive release of formaldehyde from the source. Prepare for formaldehyde requirements to do the following:

Pushing the fine decoration

Minimize the amount of decoration materials used and the amount of construction. Because in the same space, the simpler the decoration, the less furniture is placed, and the less pollution pressure is formed in the space. In addition, the children's room advocates not to post wallpapers that emit irritating odors, and try not to lay out plastic flooring, which may release a lot of volatile organic substances and increase indoor pollution.

Carefully select environmental information and furniture

The paint for children's rooms is recommended to be water-based, and the color should not be too bright. The more beautiful the paint, the higher the contaminant content. Buying children's furniture requires the selection of solid wood furniture and ensuring environmental monitoring statements. Furniture can not have a strong irritating taste, because the greater the pungent odor, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released.

Signing an environmental protection contract

When decorating the design, the owner can choose to negotiate with the decoration company to sign an environmental protection decoration contract. The contract requires the construction party to provide an indoor environmental test statement with the CMA stamp to complete the environmental protection decoration. Before the decoration begins, it is also necessary to guess the concentration of harmful substances released in the indoor environment after decoration, and reserve a certain amount of floating space for release. Since the indoor environment is qualified even after decoration, the furniture may release a certain amount of formaldehyde pollutants after the furniture is placed.

2, management: pay attention to ventilation and ventilation after decoration, use scientific and effective methods to reduce formaldehyde pollution

If some owners have decorated the house and did not subconsciously manipulate the source of pollution, is it irreversible? The phenomenon of formaldehyde pollution during decoration is ubiquitous. Therefore, if the scientific management can be carried out in a targeted manner in the later stage, the pollution of formaldehyde can be reduced to a low level.