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Principle of formaldehyde removal in Photocatalyst
- 2018-11-12-

Photocatalyst is a kind of optical semiconductor material with photocatalytic function represented by nanometer titanium dioxide, and it is one of the safe materials to control indoor environmental pollution in the world. English is called "Photo Catalyst".

As the name implies, in the light environment, the dielectric material produces positive and negative electron loads, the air is decomposed into hydroxide ions, thus producing decomposition and reduction effect. Its representative material is nano-grade titanium dioxide.

Photocatalyst in ultraviolet light, will produce similar photosynthesis of photocatalytic reaction, resulting in a strong oxidation capacity of free hydroxyl group and reactive oxygen species, with a strong photooxidation reduction function, can oxidize and decompose a variety of organic compounds and some inorganic substances, can destroy the cell membranes of bacteria and cured virus protein, Can kill bacteria and decompose organic pollutants, organic pollutants into pollution-free water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), so it has a strong sterilization, deodorization, mildew, anti-fouling self-cleaning, air purification function. Photocatalyst has a good degradation and killing effect on unstable compounds and most germs of medium and low molecules, including formaldehyde.

   Optical catalystProducts are mainly photocatalyst spray, photocatalyst ornaments, self-cleaning glass, photocatalyst ceramics, photocatalyst floor tiles photocatalyst Air purifier (household, commercial), automotive Special Air purifier and so on.

Since the Photocatalyst action must be based on oxygen or water molecules, the effective contact concentration of the photocatalyst on the surface of the purified product is critical, and the photocatalyst molecule must be less than 50 nm to have a good light catalysis. Therefore, how to integrate nano-photocatalyst into other substances without condensation, and how to distribute nano-photocatalyst to the surface of the product is the focus of technical research on the current production enterprises.

So far, in addition to spray-type Photocatalyst products, other synthetic photocatalyst products purification effect is not very ideal.

Photocatalyst purifier or purifier, because the photocatalyst can only be sprayed to the internal filter, and the filter area is very small, can spray the number of photocatalyst very few, so the purification performance is poor.