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How to carry out formaldehyde detection in life?
- 2018-11-12-

Formaldehyde is a decoration contaminant that will be produced in a newly renovated house. However, even if it has been renovated for several years, the family will also have the danger of formaldehyde. In the face of this harmful substance, human beings who stay at home most of the time say How to carry out formaldehyde detection and make corresponding countermeasures?

If you encounter any of the following conditions, you should consider whether the formaldehyde in your home is over the standard!

1. When I wake up every morning, I feel depressed, sick, and even dizzy.

2, people often have a cold at home, often have allergies and other problems, and is mass-based, children often cough, sneezing, decreased immunity.

3. In newly moved or newly renovated houses, indoor plants are not easy to survive, and the leaves tend to yellow and wither; after the new move, domestic cats, dogs and even tropical fish die inexplicably.

4. Newly renovated homes and office rooms or new buyers have pungent, pungent and other irritating odors, and the odor does not scatter for a long time.

5, although not smoking, but often feel uncomfortable, there is a sense of foreign body, poor breathing, feel pain in the throat, dry mouth, dry after work, it will be fine.

6, family members have a disease, and after leaving the environment, the symptoms have changed significantly and improved; newly married couples are not pregnant for a long time, and can not find the cause; pregnant women in the case of normal pregnancy found fetal malformations.

If you suspect that the formaldehyde in your home is over the standard, how can you accurately detect that formaldehyde is really exceeding the standard?

Xiaobian suggested that professional formaldehyde testing personnel should be tested at home. This is not much to say. The key point is to find formal professional personnel to deal with it. This is a test of everyone's eyesight and experience. As the saying goes, the industry has a specialization. That question is coming. How to find such a professional formaldehyde testing company? It is recommended that you find a third-party professional testing organization. Professionals will bring professional equipment to the door to test and give a relatively reliable report.