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Beijing formaldehyde treatment teaches you how to pay attention to formaldehyde exceeding the standard
- 2019-04-24-

Beijing formaldehyde treatment has been around for a long time. Last month, I went to the customer's home to check the indoor formaldehyde, and found that the formaldehyde overdose was twice as much.

Then I patiently instructed the customer about the source of pollution, and carried out all the aldehyde removal treatment, the formaldehyde at the customer's home reached the standard value. Therefore, I have written this article with years of experience in formaldehyde removal. I mainly want to inform us of the scene of formaldehyde overrun and the more feasible method of removing formaldehyde. I hope that after we find out that formaldehyde is over-expanded, we can immediately adopt a method to rectify it.

Beijing formaldehyde treatment suggests that if the home has the following scene, the indoor formaldehyde is now over-expended.

Scene 1: One is not feeling well

If we stay in the room for overdose of formaldehyde for a long time, we will be damaged by formaldehyde, which will cause sadness and skin allergies. Therefore, if your body is not comfortable, the indoor formaldehyde is now overrun.

Scene 2: There are too many furniture

There is a lot of formaldehyde in the furniture. If there are too many furniture at home, the formaldehyde evaporated from them will overspend. Therefore, families with more furniture should immediately adopt a method to remediate formaldehyde.

Scene 3: The home is not always ventilated

If there is no ventilation at home, the formaldehyde in the room will not be taken out by the wind, and they will gradually accumulate until the overrun. Therefore, we should ventilate the room more.

Many households use ventilation as a means of managing formaldehyde overruns. If the outside wind speed is large enough, the ventilation and ventilation can indeed dilute the formaldehyde gas in the room. However, if it is raining outside, fogging, or inconvenient ventilation when we sleep at night, the indoor formaldehyde gas can accumulate again and damage the body. Therefore, we should cooperate with Beijing formaldehyde treatment professional organization to remove formaldehyde together in the ventilation and ventilation.