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Beijing professional in addition to formaldehyde tells you which furniture materials are the source of formaldehyde
- 2018-11-12-

Formaldehyde is like an untimely bomb around us. When it will explode is an unknown number. In recent years, people have been trying their best to eliminate it. Many high-tech research companies have been working hard to develop related products, but they still have to find the source. After the decoration, it is better to know the source of formaldehyde than formaldehyde, and prevent it in advance. . If you have a certain understanding of the formaldehyde content of the decoration materials before you decorate your new home, choose the decoration materials and decorations with little formaldehyde hazard. From the source, we can reduce the harm that formaldehyde brings to our family! Beijing professional tells you which furniture materials are the source of formaldehyde:

Wood flooring has a large amount of formaldehyde

First of all, we look at the wood itself, which contains traces of formaldehyde. In the process of making the board, a large amount of glue will be used, and the formaldehyde content will increase. If the line draft is equipped with wooden flooring, we should pay attention to choose some relatively environmentally friendly materials or choose more solid wood flooring.

Formaldehyde produced in glass glue

Glass glue is a product that we will use when we decorate. Bathrooms, toilets, and various countertops will be used. However, glass glue contains a lot of formaldehyde gas. It is recommended that you use good quality glass glue to reduce it fundamentally. The release of formaldehyde.

More formaldehyde in the cabinet

Wood furniture will have a higher amount of formaldehyde, especially in cabinets. Nowadays, the family will choose to play the cabinet for the quality of the people. In time, the whole cabinets installed by the decoration company will also inevitably use the wood, which will release more formaldehyde.

It is recommended that you do not check in immediately after the renovation. Under normal circumstances, you should wait for half a year to stay. During this time, you should keep the ventilation of the new home and let the released formaldehyde have a passage.

The release cycle of formaldehyde is up to 15 years

It is not that we can safely stay in the new house after half a year of renovation. The release cycle of formaldehyde is as long as 3 to 15 years, so the anti-aldehyde work in the home is long-lasting and can not be completed in a short while. Therefore, do not believe that some merchants in order to attract consumers to play out the "one-time removal of formaldehyde" slogan, this result is not only unscientific, it is also difficult to achieve.