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An effective method for removing formaldehyde from Beijing
- 2018-11-12-

Most people choose to remove formaldehyde in Beijing . The correct way is to be fully ventilated before the unoccupied, budget enough and not too annoying to install the fresh air system, but the cost is too high. There is also a way to save trouble, is to do formaldehyde detection and treatment before check-in, using the net taste treasure to make up for the lack of ventilation in addition to formaldehyde.

At present, the industry in addition to formaldehyde has not been fully popularized. When it comes to formaldehyde removal, many people choose activated carbon and purifiers available on the market. However, in addition to formaldehyde, the professional addition of formaldehyde has not been fully popularized. However, due to the many effects of activated carbon and air purifiers, the public basically relies on long-term ventilation to achieve the effect of removing formaldehyde.

Many people understand the dangers of formaldehyde, so the use of environmentally friendly materials to decorate the house, and then use long-term ventilation to remove formaldehyde, this is indeed the best choice, but as a result, we need to spend a lot of time, then If you want to stay as soon as possible, is there a better way? Here is the decoration of the taste of the treasure.

Here is a brief introduction to the principle of aldehyde removal of Jingweibao. The use of nano-composite enzymes in addition to formaldehyde technology is based on the nano-processing technology imported from the United States to ensure that products can penetrate into the contaminants from the molecular level and effectively eliminate pollutants. The deep-level pollution problem, the nanoparticles penetrate deep into the pollution source, eradicate the hidden harmful substances, and be more thorough and cleaner.

So in addition to formaldehyde, is it really useful? This is indeed the current efficient way to remove formaldehyde. The core technology is the core technology and the natural extract is a high-efficiency catalyst. After use, it is natural and environmentally friendly without residue, avoiding secondary pollution. PH value is pure neutral product (mostly the products on the market are weakly alkaline), non-irritating and safe to human body. It is safe and non-corrosive to all the materials such as lacquer, plate and wallpaper, and it can quickly let people stay in new houses.